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    The Keto Diet: Week One Journal from a Self-Declared Dieting Flake

    the keto diet

    Egg Salad with Tri-Colored Peppers & Jalapeno on a crisp Havarti Cheese Shell / Recipe HERE {link coming}

    “NOT another diet to try!” I thought entered my head when I heard about the Keto Diet.

    “I’m not going to do it, I refuse to get sucked in.” I adamantly promised myself.

    Well, guess what? Inevitably I was sucked in. I know what you are thinking because I thought it too…

    “Amylia, DO NOT DO IT!”

    Even though I am the world’s flakiest follower of any diet plan I must declare, “I am trying the Keto Diet!”

    Here goes my spill and reasons Why I am trying Keto:

    1. I am pre-diabetic so low carb is my body’s happy place. I have tried and failed many times since this diagnosis to shed the pounds, even seeing a registered dietician, and the weight won’t budge.
    2. It’s not Whole 30. Whole 30 was good to me but I just felt like I was not enjoying life without cheese.
    3. My hubby is a huge low-fat / low-carber so it fits in well with his life-style and how he chooses to eat.
    4. My friend Carla lost a bunch of weight on Keto and I was impressed.
    5. I like to try new diets, in fact, it is hard for me to resist–thus my personal “flaky dieter” diagnosis.

    I’m not sure how long I will stay on this diet and I am so far from promising myself {yet anyone else} that this is a life-style change. What I have found with all of my flakiness is that with each diet I try my eating habits become a bit better and overall I am eating healthier. I know you don’t believe me, but I assure you–IT IS TRUE.

    This overweight mamma left her flour, sugar, brown sugar, and baking cocoa canisters behind in the cupboards when we moved last month. I decided that they just can’t be in our new house. Our move from Texas to Nevada cleared a lot of junk out of my pantry a year and a half ago. But this latest move to Ohio came with it a firm resolve to do even better.

    Sugar Canisters

    “C’est la vie white flour and sugar–I deserve better.”

    Even though I am embarrassed to admit that I am trying yet another “fad diet” {well maybe not THAT embarrassed}, I am going to document in my little journal and post a few of my favorite recipes for y’all to try. Here are a few things that you may expect if you are going to try Keto too.

    My Personal Keto Experience Week 1:

    1. Empty Full. I came up with this term for the feeling one gets when they haven’t eaten carbs. Full, but not satisfied. Like a little somethin’ somethin’ extra is needed to top off the good ‘ol tum tum. Like some sugar in any form–but don’t do it. By the fourth day it won’t be as bad. I promise.
    2. Searching the Cupboards. Day two and three might just be so hard that you open the fridge ten times in a row hoping that something carb related might appear. Or digging through the cupboards scrounging for a morsel of bread.
    3. Insomnia. It sucks and is the worst thing ever because I love my sleep and my bed. But there is something weird that happens to my body when it morphs into ketosis zone. I just don’t need enough sleep. In fact, there were days last week I went all day on five hours sleep that was chopped up into two-hour spurts. Side note: I am now on level 1317 of Candy Crush due to this fact. 
    4. Kitchen Time. My time standing up in the kitchen preparing meals just increased ten fold. No lie. I’m a cutting, chopping, and preparing fresh ingredients three meals a day plus snacks. No more Costco frozen pre-cooked breaded chicken and I actually survived. Which is surprising because I didn’t think it would be possible.
    5. Less Bloated. I walked past the mirror in nothing but my skivvies five days in and wow, I kinda looked hot–even declaring such to D–who agreeably shook his head up and down with a grin as I convinced him of my slimmer waist. Fact: D is no fool.
    6. Less Energy / More Energy / More Motivation. Days 1-3 less energy, days 3-7 more energy and more motivation.
    7. More Confidence. I think this comes when I follow any diet and I’ve got a little theory. It is called control. Whenever I reign myself in, set limits, and some guidelines for eating I feel happier. I feel in control of a part of my life that often I let go of. It just feels good. This control gives me more confidence. More confidence helps me excel in every other area in my life.

    I often say that if I could just conquer my weight issues that I could do anything. I’m ready to conquer because I have some pretty huge dreams over here spinning around in my head. Maybe Keto will be the magic ingredient. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will be a mixture of everything rolled up into one.

    But I will be darned if I will ever give up.

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