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Master Cleanse Day 10

Well I’ve made it to my first goal, 10 days! I was excited to see the scale has gone down (drum roll please) 15 pounds! I am seeing so many changes to the outside of my body and it makes me ecstatic to imagine the healthy changes going on in the inside.

Each day I am on this cleanse I notice that my complexion is clearing up.  It is easier to move and I feel a general sense of well-being that is hard to describe. I am only needing about 6-7 hours of sleep per night, instead of 8-9 plus a catnap. I’m not even needing the little catnap most days.

I’ve been a little emotional today putting together a slide show that reveals what I have been hiding for years…the truth about my weight.  This journey began as a plan to remove toxins and possible disease from my body, however, if a slimmer waistline is one of the side benefits I embrace that with open arms.

I hope that my honesty will inspire you to make a change to better your life, regardless of your reasons it is never to late to live your dream and take that first step.  My birthday is coming up and I really contemplated going off after the first ten days so that I could eat some popcorn or something healthy on my big day.  However, this year my gift to myself is to keep moving forward and continue with my cleanse.  So, my next goal is to make it ten more days to day 20.  I am excited about that!

Just a quick update, my tongue is still quite coated with white.  The tip and sides are pink again.  Literature states that when the tongue is completely pink it is time to end the cleanse.  Loosing 15 pounds in ten days has honestly been further inspiration to me to carry on.  I used a PH test strip today and my urine is still very acidic.  This is because I am eliminating so many toxins from my body right now.  It just doesn’t feel right for me to stop when I have so much to gain by staying on!

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