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Master Cleanse Day 2

I completed day two of the master cleanse yesterday!  It was a pretty LONG day.  I woke up again at 4:00 with my allergies running.  I am really hoping that this cleanse will cure my seasonal allergies.  I haven’t had a good nights sleep for about two months now (since the weather started to change here in Washington).  I decided not to do the salt flush again this morning.  I had read in my research that as long as one takes the herbal laxative tea morning and night the salt flush only needs to be done every third or fourth day.  My plan is to get through the first three hard days and then resume flushing.  I will flush again tomorrow morning.

One pretty great result to report is that my weight is down by five pounds!  Now a lot of “crap” came out of me with Sunday’s flush so I am sure it is because of that and not fat.  But it is very motivating at the same time : ).

I drank two laxative teas (one in the morning, one at night) and every time I was hungry I would make a fresh lemonade drink.  This was eight times throughout the day.  I took one small nap but was woken by a phone call—horrible timing—and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I will be honest and say I feel weak.  My 9 year old, Preston, came home from school excited to show me what he had learned in his Yoga class and I could hardly do the poses with him.  I feel fine if I am just sitting around and doing basic chores like laundry.  I am doing a huge senior slide show for my son Jacob and was able to work a few hours on collecting photos and getting them into the computer.  However, I am one who does a million things a day and like to have sustained energy.  I can’t wait for the energy part to come back!  I hear that does come after the third day and just gets better.

I did have another head ache last night, although it was minor and it went away when I went to bed.  I had a little cramping with the laxative tea (make sure you let your tea steep for a full 15 minutes).  It did go away shortly after I eliminated.  I continue to have nasty number 2’s.  I will leave it at that.  Gross!

I continue to be motivated.  I can’t wait to see the results after 10 days : ).  Doug cooked dinner for the kids again–thanks honey!  That makes it so much easier for me to stay on, to remove myself from the kitchen and the temptations.  I did sit with the family while they ate (on a cozy chair we have in the dining area), so we still had family time.  I sipped my lemonade drink and it wasn’t bad at all.  I continue to read information to stay motivated and excited about what changes my body will go through next.

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