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Master Cleanse Day 4

When I jumped out of bed this morning I weighed myself and was shocked.  I had lost 12 pounds since beginning this journey!  I thought about grabbing my camera but got distracted for a few hours while I got my kiddos off to school.  After everyone was taken care of I went into the bathroom again, got on the scale ready to take a picture, and I was up three pounds.  What?  I’m thinking I hate my scale.  I got mad and went and did some chores, then came back and got on again and low and behold those three pounds were gone.  Weird?  I grabbed my camera and got back on again.  Up three pounds.  Ugh, this is a nightmare!  Then it dawned on me…I was weighing more when I was holding my very large Nikon camera.  LOL.  Okay, I was born blond but I’m usually a bit brighter than that.  I got a good chuckle and thought I’d share.

So, I have really lost 9 pounds, which isn’t bad at all if you consider it only took three full days. The literature is true, the hunger pains totally subside on day four.  The growling comes and goes but it is pain free.  I can totally handle a few tummy rumbles throughout the day : ).  I didn’t wake up in the early morning hours with horrible allergies (day two of full nights sleep).  Another great thing  about today is that I pretty much had all of my energy back.  I laid down for a possible snooze at one point late in the afternoon but never did fall asleep.  I even was motivated enough to weed a large patch in my back yard.

Hard times were smelling dinner and watching my family eat yummy food.  Overall it wasn’t bad at all.  I’m thinking ten days will be a breeze.  Now that my energy is back it will be important for me to keep myself busy so that the time will pass more quickly.  Today was a bit slow.  But I’ve been begging for some slow days.  Maybe the timing of his cleanse is a blessing.  Taking time to slow down, reflect, read, and not go a million miles an hour feels good to my soul :).

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