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Master Cleanse Day 5

I made it through Day 5!  I can honestly say that I didn’t feel bad during the day at all.  I was down one more pound today, so in 4 full days (beginning of day 5) my weight is down 10 pounds.  YAY!  I did a salt flush last night before bed and regret that I didn’t do it in the morning.  It was awful because I was tired and had to keep getting up out of bed.  Next time I will wake up early and do it before I have to start my day.

My tongue is coated with white, which is an indication that toxins are leaving the body.  Dr. Stanley Burrough’s book “The Master Cleanser” says that the fast should be done until the tongue turns pink again.  I gave mine a good brushing…I don’t know if that is playing fair…but it’s pink again : ).  Make sure you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after each lemonade drink.  Even though lemons are alkaline to the system they are acid before they enter the body and will eat the enamel off your teeth.  My teeth started hurting a bit until I started brushing them after each drink.

I spent a good three hours today doing an art journal page with a friend of mine.  She is teaching me painting techniques.  It made the day go by so much faster and day 5 has been a breeze.  My daughter had her tennis award ceremony tonight and the food didn’t even tempt me.  The hunger pains have totally diminished.

I will admit that I started to become Mrs. Grumpy Pants tonight when I came home to a messy house–and I am wondering if part of that may be a reaction to toxins (or perhaps lazy teenagers).  So I am putting myself to bed early and sipping on my laxative tea.  I’m excited to see what day 6 will bring!

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