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Master Cleanse Day 6

Day 6 is almost over. I can’t believe I’ve almost made it a full week! Each days success really gives me hope that I can heal my body completely. Today I weighed the same as yesterday. That is fine, I was sure this huge weight loss would taper off and settle in sometime soon. I continue to drink 1200 calories a day of the Lemonade. My energy levels are still up and I’m averaging 7 hours of sleep per a night and didn’t even get tired for a nap today:).

I’ve started having a few reactions to the toxins leaving my body. This morning I felt a little lack of motivation so got off to a late start. That is not normal for me unless I am sick. I also started feeling a little pain in the lymph node under my left arm. It doesn’t feel swollen like it normally does when the pain comes. I think this must be the cleanse working?! Later in the afternoon I felt some flu symptoms but they completely went away when I went to the bathroom and eliminated. I’ve read that this is normal, to get a bit I’ll when the toxins are released into your system. I was prepared for this and it wasn’t even as bad as I thought it might be.

It is memorial weekend and we have a bunch of things planned so staying on the lemonade diet will be a breeze. I was very busy today and didnt have time to think about food. I really think success on this cleanse, in part, is keeping yourself occupied and your mind off what you “can’t” have. I’m excited for tomorrow!

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