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Master Cleanse Day 7

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means FOOD is everywhere. Not a good combination for a cleanser a week into having nothing solid :)! But I have to say I made it through today. Yay! Keeping busy really helps, so don’t put off your social life to cleanse. I am proof that both can exist together.

I was down about one pound this morning. I’m really watching for that five pound weight loss in one day like I had in the beginning, just because it was fun and exciting:). But it’s not going to happen! I have a bit of pain under my left armpit in the lymph node that has been swollen for years. I think it’s reducing in size! I have a lot of mucus out my nose and it’s different than allergies. I read that I should increase my cayenne pepper to solve that problem. I did and so far it seemed to do the trick.

I will post tricks to the lemonade diet I have learned and have read to help you have a successful cleanse in a different post. In the mean time I’m on to day 8!!!

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