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Master Cleanse Day 8

Today I really feel certain that something is happening with my lymphatic system. I feel things going on in both armpits now. This makes me happy! I’m still the same weight, only going down a few ounces a day now. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 8 days.

My husband, Doug, races motorcycles for a hobby and I went to the race track with him today. I was able to read and nap practically all day. I visited a website that is Tom Woloshyn’s if you don’t know, he is a doctor that studied with Stanley Burroughs, who started the cleanse. He reiterated something I have read before and I wanted to share. Make sure you squeeze your lemons fresh and drink them within 7 minutes to capture all of the enzymes needed. He said otherwise the flush does not work.

This is really important to know because it makes it a bit harder to take trips out. I’m thinking I can carry my hand lemon juicer with me and make some on the go or just drink right before I have to leave.

I’m starting to use visualization techniques to help me through the full cleanse. I imagine me completing the full forty days and feeling triumphant. I think with a positive outlook, continued support from my family (yes I have told them now), that I can finish what I’ve started. Here’s to forty days!!

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