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Preparing for the Master Cleanse

When I first researched and found the Master Cleanse diet it was a real blessing to me.  I felt like this is exactly what my body needed to regain its health.  However, I knew I could not jump right into a cleanse like this or I would fail miserably.  I bought all of the ingredients at a local market and prepared my first drink, hoping I could start that very day.  I was anxious to heal my battered body.  But deep down I knew I was not ready.

I started preparing myself mentally for the diet by reading all of the material I could get my hands on. I went to the library and checked out a few books that they had there.  One was the yellow pamphlet by the inventor of the diet, Dr. Stanley Burroughs. I read that I would suffer from headaches if I was a caffeine drinker. I would usually drink two diet soda’s per day, so was a little concerned. I also wanted stop putting the harmful chemicals diet soda has into my body. I stopped cold turkey was soda free two months before I started my cleanse. Boy am I glad! I haven’t had a headache at all since day 3 of my cleanse and the headaches I did have were slight in comparison with ones I had while coming off the soda.

Another thing I did to prepare my body was to drink the lemonade drink for breakfast and sometimes I would get a little motivated and drink it for lunch too. I then would have my normal dinner. I kept this practice up for a good month. By then I knew what I was getting myself into—and knew it was going to be hard to get through my hunger pains.

The next thing I did was look at the calendar and really pick a good time for me to begin the cleanse. I talked to my husband and he was happy to support me in my endeavour. He even told me he had done this cleanse in high school for football over 20 years ago!  He offered to cook dinners for the family so that I would not be as tempted to go off (this has helped a lot).

I prepared myself emotionally by writing in my gratitude journal, meditating, and having faith that this is what ultimately would heal my body of its ailments. I’m glad I took a few months to prepare myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the cleanse.  I feel it has made all the difference and has gotten me through some hard times and kept me going.

 Read my daily journal as I embark on a 40 day Master Cleanse HERE.


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