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Master Cleanse Day 30

I remember at the beginning of my journey how I would imagine myself at the end of my 40 day goal. I truly believe it was part of this projection that helped me come this far. Here I am at day 30 and the rough times have all been worth it. I feel on top of the world, at peace with myself, and know that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. At this point I have lost a total of 30 pounds. To get to my ideal weight I will need to loose 50-60 more. I have recommitted myself to go for ten more days. Part of my strength comes from family who will be doing the last ten days with me! Thanks!

I noticed something a few days ago. I have clavicle bones! Ha ha! I haven’t seen them for years so when I looked in the mirror and saw a hint of them I started freaking out! :). My weight is coming off of my top half and slowly working down to my lower half. I’ve only lost one pant size, but I will take it!

I threw my son, Jacob a graduation party tonight which was really fun. I made all of the food from scratch which was enjoyable even though I could not eat it too. I am really enjoying cooking for one of the first times in my life. Before it seemed like a chore to me. Now it’s fun finding interesting recipes which are healthy. Keeping busy has really helped me along my way. I never have time to sit and dwell on missing out on food. June 28 is only ten days away–and it will be that day before I know it. Day 40 here I come!

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