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Master Cleanse Days 15, 16, & 17

Day 15 – Went to church today and a few of my friends noticed that I have lost a bit of weight.  That felt good : ).  I did another salt water flush this morning.  I usually only do the laxative tea because it is hard for me to force down the salt water.  Later in the evening my ears started itching.  It has been pretty rare that they itch now.  I’ve struggled with Candida for over ten years, so I know I have it pretty bad.  I read that Oil of Oregano and Garlic both help.  I may take some in capsules tomorrow.

Day 16 – I heard that day 14 was supposed to be a really hard day to get past, but for me it has been today.  All of my horrible symptoms have come back.  I’ve had horrible allergies, back pain, itching in my ears, under my left armpit hurts….and so on.  Finally I decided to soak for a good 20 minutes in Epsom Salts.  This did the trick and I felt almost 100% better.

Day 17 – woke up today still feeling better from the Epsom salt soak yesterday. All the horrible symptoms that came back are completely gone again. Thank goodness, having all the symptoms back made me really appreciate how good I have felt the past 16 days. My weight has been down only a few ounces each day. It seems like the weight loss is really slowing down now. I was hoping to be able to report a 20 pound weight loss by day 20, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I am not hungry at all but my food cravings are crazy tonight. I staerted reading some books on eating Raw. I’m going to have to wait on that part if i dont want to drive myself crazy!

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    The Beaded Peacock
    June 7, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Day seven for me!! I am only doing a ten day cleanse, but reading your blog makes me realize that I will probably have to do another cleanse in a few months. It seems like it would be impossible to cleanse everything in ten days. I am feeling better though. Mornings are the best for me. I wake up free of my back pain, and I haven't had a migraine headache since the first day of the cleanse which I'm sure was caused from lack of caffiene. I am determined NOT to start that again!!

    In the beginning I noticed that although I didn't feel hunger pains, I had incredible cravings. They were for sweets and salty chips. Now I'm craving vegetables…especially my spinach salad!!

    You are AMAZING Amylia…I encourage you to do the 40 days…you can do it, and I'll be here cheering you on. Loving change and accepting a new me!!

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