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Master Cleanse Days 31, 32 & 33

Day 31- Well here I am…finally beginning the final ten days of my journey. I’m so grateful I’ve made it ths far. We had a fun graduation party last night for Jacob so the past few days went by quickly. I am actually looking for some R & R!

Day 32 – I went to see “The Exotic Merigold Hotel” with Doug today. That movie was very eye opening. I loved seeing the Indian culture and how simplicity in life is beautiful. Doug treated himself to a huge bucket of popcorn (he never does that). Anyone who knows me knows that popcorn is my absolute favorite snack in the world. I was fine sitting right next to the evil and tempting bucket of deliciousness. Could I just maybe have broken my addiction to food? (please let it be so)!

Day 33 – I woke up with horrible flu like symptoms today. This has hands down been the hardest morning for me. I despise feeling nauseated. Simply said it was not fun. The urges to puke would come and go in waves. I know this means more toxins leaving my body so to help the process along I forced down a lot of extra water. It did help to flush them out and I felt better in no time.

On a brighter note I’m loving being reunited with my clavicle bones. I noticed in the mirror they are far more noticeable today. I didn’t realize how lost I’ve felt without those bones these past ten plus years:). I’m hoping to be reunited with my hip bones next!!

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    The Beaded Peacock
    June 23, 2012 at 6:03 am

    Cheering you on!! Go Amylia Go!!! Nearly there and look how much you have gained, and lost 😉
    So happy for you and your journey of self dicovery…discovering your self control and clavical bones…what a victorious 40 days!!
    Love you ~GG~

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