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Hair Loss after the Master Cleanse

Hello! It has been quite a while since I blogged about the Master Cleanse. A lot has happened in my life since last
May, but I will write about that a different day. Today I want to address hair loss and the Master Cleanse. There really isn’t any information out there on this subject, so I am posting exactly what happened to me.

About three to four weeks after coming off of my 36 day cleanse I started to lose my hair. It came out every day by small handfuls for a good 30 days. I became afraid to even comb my hair because after a shower it would be all over and in my comb. It seemed if I didn’t wash or comb my hair continually it fell out less. I would guess that I lost 1/3 of my hair. My hair is very thick but fine in texture. No I didn’t go bald or have bald patches, but it was very scary. No one noticed but me.

Please remember that I was on this cleanse for 36 days. I know that this was too much shock for my system. When
your body is put through a long-term shock of any kind it will lose hair. Because of my hair loss I would not recommend doing a long-term cleanse for more than ten days. Furthermore, I really feel that cleansing once a month for
ten days and then eating right in between is a better long-term goal and life-style change.
I remember how good I felt while I was on the cleanse. I felt amazing, had great energy, and time seemed to stand
still for a moment in my all too crazy life. My opinion is that you can have that feeling all of the time once your body is completely rid of its toxins. Remember to use your tongue as your guide. I read a book once that someone did
the cleanse 120 days out of a year in ten-day intervals before he felt as good off the cleanse as on.
If you know me I am pretty honest and blunt so here are some answers to the questions I know you are wanting to ask.
Do I feel as good off of the cleanse as on? NO. Did I stick to my great eating plan and keep my weight off? NO. Would I do the cleanse again? YES. But not for 40 days…ever.
I am preparing my body and gearing up to go on another ten-day cleanse soon. This time I will be approaching it with
more wisdom. I do know and have a personal testimony that it does rid one of allergies, pains, and weight. If food is your friend (like me) this will not clear up “food” issues. It does, however, stop cravings for quite some time. I gained about ten pounds back shortly after eating food again and then my body seemed to stabilize. It wasn’t until I went through some pretty hard times in
my personal life, and turned to food again as a comfort, did my weight come back on. I cannot blame my weight gain on the cleanse. It would be easy to do, but I wouldn’t be honest if I did.
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