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Inspiration from my favorite Mary!

One of my favorite people to ever walk this earth was my Grandma Mary.  She was as witty as they come and fun to be around.  There was never a dull moment with grandma.  What I loved about her was that she made me feel important and as a child that is exactly what I needed.  She passed away several years ago but I know she is one of my angels watching over me.  It is because of her I am writing this now.  I’ve decided to stop letting fear, sadness, and everything that doesn’t matter get in the way of what I love to do.  And what I love to do is to create, inspire and empower.  I started this web site as an avenue to reach out to like-minded people.  I’m hoping that there will be many out there like me who have felt lost in life at times and just want to break free and make dreams come true.  Imagine making your own life less of a drudgery and to finally find that happy place that makes your life amazing.  I’ve often heard that you need something bigger than yourself to make a change.  And I think that is true, but I’ve also decided today that I’m worth it!  I know grandma would agree.  So here’s to me, here’s to grandma, and here’s to you.  Time to pick myself up off this couch and get moving.  Chop-chop!

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    The Beaded Peacock
    January 28, 2013 at 3:40 am

    I wholeheartedly agree…when you find something you love, you find yourself!!

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