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From Table Cloth to Bed Spread

Have you ever been on the hunt for the perfect bedding to complete your room?  Well I was and lucky for me inspiration struck.  It all started when I saw a little bag and Bath and Body Works.  The metallic colors of champagne, gold and chrome instantly made me fall in love.  I knew these where the colors I wanted.  But there was nothing anywhere to realize my vision.  I actually purchased and brought home a large bedding set but it didn’t look right and did not capture my vision.  I knew I had to make it.  So off I went to the fabric store.  I looked and looked but everything was a compromise.

 I stopped looking and then a few months later I was shopping at Target down the Christmas clearance aisle.  And there it was…the perfect damask fabric in the exact color I wanted.  But it was a table cloth!  That is when I was inspired to buy two rectangular shapes and one square (that is what they had left).  The price was cheap and being a table cloth I knew it would wash up like a dream.  The fabric was nice and soft to the touch and looked regal.  Perfect for my bedroom!

The transformation was simple.  I took both rectangles and cut one down the middle long ways.  I then sewed half on one side and half on the other side.  To make it looked finished I opened up the hem and put stitching on either side of the seam, which would run down each side of my queen size bed perfectly.  This also works for a King size bed (I used it on our King before we moved), the stitching makes a statement down the top of each quarter of the bed.

The soft pile grey throw at the bottom of my bed was also transformed in a similar way from two Christmas throw blankets.  The pillow shams were made from the square table cloth and I even have extra fabric if I ever want to make throw pillows to match.

Total cost to make my new bed set?  Under $30.  Luv!!!

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