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From Picture Frame to Jewelry Box

A few weeks ago while I was organizing and decorating my daughters room I came up with this fun idea.  I was working on framing the Bag Hoard project and had gone out to the garage and brought in a bunch of old frames.  Within the stack of black frames was a large shadow box frame.  The inside is a bit padded as it was made to have the ability to tack pictures inside of it.  As it sat there on the bed I lifted the little ribbon handle and inspiration came.

This would be absolutely perfect for Sabryna’s dresser as a jewelry display for her favorite pieces.  It was just the right size and I liked how flat and low-profile it was.  In some sort of way it reminded me of the old fashioned jewelry mirror my grandma Mary kept on her dresser long ago.

The makeover was simple.  I had in the kitchen drawer some little round felt pads.  I simply placed one securely on the bottom of each corner and walla…a modern inspired jewelry box display!

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