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Hand-made Embellished Birds

With Spring just around the corner these little hand-made embellished birds will help brighten your home or would be perfect to garnish a gift for a friendly by a bow!  When I go on the hunt for fabrics quite often I end up with several swatches of gorgeous fabrics.  I didn’t want to throw my swatches away, so I came up with this idea…I drew a little template of a bird, cut a pattern, sewed front  and back together, stuffed and embellished.  Notice that I left the edges unfinished…a fun detail which also made these birds come together very quickly.  I was able to make all three birds in about 45 minutes.
bird from fabric swatch, real feather for tail, metal embellishment & rhinestone. Adhered with hot glue gun.


Bird made from fabric swatches, stuffed, crown detail added.


My favorite bird…velvet fabric, peacock tail feather, his wing is fringe from a fabric, a flower folded in half, and a crystal. Carrying in his mouth is a rhinestone embellished heart and keys.

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    The Beaded Peacock
    February 5, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    I love these birds!! How much would it cost to make a few in purples and silver for my boutique?? I would love to decorate with them!!

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