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Sneak Peak: Modern Greige Kitchen

I am finally painting my kitchen.  The walls used to be almost the same exact color as the cabinetry.  It was a blank slate just staring at me every day screaming, “Paint Me”!  The problem was that I had to find a color that would work.  You see, I have floors with a yellow undertone, cabinetry that is Ivory with a yellow undertone, granite counters with yellows and greys, and a very grey and brown back splash.  I knew the perfect color to marry all of these elements together would be a greige.

So the hunt began for the perfect Greige that could combine all of these elements and not clash with anything.  This was not so easy.  I looked at thousands of paint swatches.  I have a small library of them—and I went as far as getting many little sample colors made over at Home Depot to paint on the wall by my cupboards and NOTHING was working.  Everything clashed and all of the Greige colors I loved looked purple or clashed when they went up on the wall.

That is when I decided to STOP trying and give it a REST.  There is a point in good design that you can’t force something to work.  If it doesn’t work then it never will no matter how hard you try.  So I moved on to working in Preston’s bedroom.  Early one morning after I took Preston to school I ran into WalMart for some spray paint.  As I walked by their paint swatches one in particular stood out.  As I reached out to grab a few the little pinch of snob in me (that I usually do not let surface) said, “why on earth would you use a WalMart color?”

And so this paint swatch sat in my bag for over a week.  Then one day I pulled it out and guess what?  There was the perfect match and perfect solution to my color woes.  THANK YOU WALMART!!!  (Shame on my inner snob).  The color I used is “Young Sycamore Grove” by Colorplace.  I had it color matched at Home Depot and since I love the look of flat paint I bought their washable flat paint.  It turned out fabulous!  I love the matte finish, the color, how the baseboards and cupboards pop, and how nothing clashes.  I will show the final reveal in a few weeks…I have many more projects ahead before it all comes together.


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