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I’m not too good for the Dollar Store

My 19 1/2 year old son is back home,
looking for a job, smack dab in the middle of this horrible economy. He was in
the kitchen with his girlfriend when I came in one day and I announced that
there was a new Dollar Store opening up and a sign was in the window stating
they were doing walk in interviews the following week.
When I announced this
news he smirked, then laughed (as if I were ridiculous for even mentioning it),
and then said, “Mom, I am not going to work at the dollar store”. Okay, so if
not then what is he going to do? Hummm, play more video games until his brain
goes knumb?? I
explained how it would be a great job until he could move onto something he may
feel would suit him better. I mentioned the interview a few more times that week
and asked him if he was going to go in—but he always avoided answering

I feel that there is a problem with this generation of
children…particularly my children…who feel entitled. Entitled to have the
best of the best without working hard. It is down right upsetting to me. I am
not sure how this has even come about. Doug and I have worked our buns off to be
where we are today. So the more I thought about this job the more upset I

Thursday arrived…and his friend came over to our house with his
television and
XBox and there they
sat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, not showered, playing video games, feeling
entitled….and so I popped the question again, “are you going to the dollar
store to apply?” No answer.

I was so mad at that time that I told Jordan
I was not too good to work at the dollar store and I was going to apply myself.
And I did just that. I drove over there, walked in, filled out an application,
and was hired on the spot. It felt great, almost like sweet revenge. I was
actually excited…Plus, I love the dollar store. I shop there often and find
great treasures to transform into my altered art. On my way out I grabbed two
more applications and went home.

When I got back home I put those
applications in front of Thing1 and Thing 2 and told them to get their buns down
there before 1:00 ore else. I was shocked to see that they actually listened.
Was it because I had gotten a job? Well, I am not sure…but they finally got a
clue…and guess what? Now we all three work at the dollar store!


I wrote this a few years ago…but I am posting it now because I feel it is still so relevant with today’s “entitled” teens who are old enough to work but for whatever reason feel it is “below” them to take just “any” job.

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