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Raise Your Lemon Cleanse Glass

I would like you all to join in with me on a ten day cleanse.  If you haven’t met me yet, last May I successfully finished a 37 day lemon cleanse.  (I wrote about it here on my blog). https://www.quitecontemporary.com/?p=84   I haven’t cleansed since and part of that is because I was not emotionally in a place to give 100% to a cleanse again.  Committing to a cleanse, even a three to ten day, takes a lot of strength.  If you haven’t done it before then please take some time to get your body ready so it isn’t so harsh.

Two days ago I started to drink my “smooth move” herbal tea.  This started eliminations.  Gross, I know, but you have to get your body ready for the salt flushes.  I have over the past month begun the nasty habit again of drinking diet soda.  If you are big soda drinker you will get horrible headaches in the beginning of the cleanse as your body rids of these toxins and comes out of its addiction.  In hopes to not be in pain for three days I am giving up the diet soda early again.

Another way I am readying my body is by preparing the Lemon Cleanse drink for at least one if not two of my meals.  Half day cleanses if you will, which really will help my body prepare for what is to come…basically only drinking 500-800 calories a day for ten days.

Why a ten day cleanse?  Well a three day cleanse just gets you going.  Your tongue will just have turned white exposing your toxins and your body will have no time to really get in and flush out all of the junk.  Even being on the cleanse for 37 days my tongue was still white over a good half of it.  I know I still have a bunch of junk in my system.  Especially because I have for years and years eaten anything I wanted hoping there would be no consequence.

I really do feel that a ten day cleanse once a month is the way for me to go.  My BIG goal is to cleanse ten days a month for one full year.  That would have me cleansing 120 days out of 365.  It might seem crazy to some, but I feel it is not near as crazy as going on a 40 day cleanse.

My reason for choosing ten day cleanses over 40 day cleanses is how hard it is on the body.  I seriously do not want the hair loss again and I think loosing one pound a day for 37 days was way too fast.  Also, I noticed the first signs of cleansing on my tongue after the first ten days.  If you want to go on and cleanse longer I would urge you NOT to go over 20 days.  After the 20 day mark, you do not know it at the time, but you will loose your hair.  It is just too much shock on your body.  Read my post about this happening to me  https://www.quitecontemporary.com/?p=48.

This time on my cleanses I am not going to concentrate on the scale.  This, to me, is not about the weight.  Yes, I have gained ALL of my weight back.  I have suffered with a bought of depression during the fall and winter of last year which was the main cause of my weight gain.  Initially after my 37 day cleanse I only gained about ten pounds, then maintained for several months.

I am thinking that with a ten day cleanse I will loose a little weight each month and over one full year I will be thinner.  I don’t know how much thinner, but my hope is that if I can “feel” as good as I did while on the cleanse last year then I will be able to keep motivation to eat healthier, to exercise daily, and to keep on track.  A year long goal will keep me on track and hopefully I will replace bad eating habits with good ones and this might just be the trick for me to regain my physical health.

So let’s raise our Lemon Cleanse glasses and get this started.  Here’s to US living our dreams, getting HEALTHY, restoring our LIVES.  Here’s to US accepting responsibility for our HEALTH.  Here’s to taking charge of our lives and being HAPPY.  Here’s to us living our DREAMS.

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