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The Copper Penny Battle

Douglas and Amylia live happily together—except when it comes to color and
décor. Battle will often erupt when speaking about either of these two. So their
house often remains minimal, almost vacant, you can hear the echoes….

About three
years ago Douglas came home with two gallons of “copper penny”, one at each
side, and as if guns drawn from a holster, the battle began. Out came the
equipment and up went copper penny from floor to ceiling. Well, almost floor to
ceiling. He left the trimming to his side kick Amylia. Bad choice because Amylia
wasn’t sure if she liked copper penny or even wanted to be friends with copper
penny. Copper penny doesn’t go very well with her most favorite thing in the
world, Christmas. How was she to marry the two? So there sat the copper penny,
floor to ceiling (or almost) for over a year.

Then one day Amylia decided that
she was tired of seeing “shipyard grey” hiding behind copper penny. Shipyard
grey would slyly poke his nose around copper penny and laugh, “ha ha ha I’m
still here!” Soooo the inevitable happened and Amylia finally gave into copper
penny, accepting it with it’s full grace. Besides, Copper Penny had some good
qualities…it looked beautiful when a spot light cast shadow up it’s wall. It
was rich, but bright, dark, but at times light.

Another two years went by and
Amylia came home this time, two gallons of paint in her holster and while
Douglas was gone….guess what?  Goodbye Copper Penny, hello Davenport!

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