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Urban Meets Shabby Chic

I found this frame at T.J. Maxx. I love how it
envelopes the very essence of what I want my house to be…something I am
calling “urban chic”. As you may know my husband is very modern and likes
cutting edge design. I love old eclectic things–and modern design–but
more importantly want to be able to display and have a home where I can enjoy my
altered art creations and findings. The question is how can I do both and pull
it off? This frame is two pieces of clear glass sandwiched together.
Gilded frames on the inside which represent a different era. I
added the scrapbook paper floating in the middle. Not shown is a brown ribbon
from the upper edges so you can hang the frame like they used to back in the
early 1900’s. Wow, love this frame. Guess what? Doug does too!
I filled the frame with pictures of Doug’s ancestors….which
made a great personal touch to the bedroom space I am trying to create.

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