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YES, there are 5 of ’em!!!

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with five kids. Five. It sounds like a
lot, but when you’re having them one at a time and they are all cute and little
it doesn’t seem bad. Then as they get big–I mean teen boy adult sized big–it
suddenly seems like a lot. I love my kids–they are my life–luv ’em so
much…but sometimes the number 5 can be overwhelming. For instance, dinner is
chaos, bed times worse (I have just about given up on that one), and I won’t
even mention feeling like I’ve fought a war by the time 8:00 a.m. rolls around
and they are all out of the house and in school—ha ha. But this is my life,
and yes, there may be 5 of ’em….but I love each and every ONE with my entire being. I wouldn’t trade my kids or my life for anything.  I am blessed.

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