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My Moroccan Wall: DIY

Updated Photo of this wall. It has been a few years and I still LOVE this wall.
Photo Credit: www.shoot2sell.net
I’ve had my eye on these great Moroccan walls I’ve seen on Pintrest.  But I wanted to do something different than everyone else, so when the new Zamira Stencil came out by cuttingedgestencils.com, I fell in LOVE.  I knew that it was what I wanted for my family room.  My hope is that it would balance the opposite end of the room which has my greige and ivory kitchen with pops of dark wood in the stove hood, island, and table.  If I were to paint the entire room Greige I would have lost the ability to pull that ivory color into that area as successfully.  Doug hesitated when I showed him the stencil on line and wasn’t so sure.  But I was, so I finally made the plunge and purchased the stencil and supplies.  It wasn’t cheap, but compared to the cost of wall paper it was a steal!

Let me explain that this is a HUGE wall.  My ceilings are a good 12 feet at the highest point, inside the beams.  I had to use a tall ladder just to reach the ceiling safely (and I am 5’9”)!  I made some mistakes along the way and I will discuss a little bit between each picture.

You can see here where I started.  This is not a good idea to start at the very edge of your wall.  Take my advice and start right in the middle of the wall and make your way to either edge.  This will enable your design to be centered correctly and end the same at each corner.  Luckily for me this design has a huge amount of visual interest and that worked to my advantage.

This is where I finished the end of day one.  Let me explain why!  By the time I had masked off the wall, bought the paint and started to stencil it was early afternoon.  The first stencil I put down was not perfect and it seemed to bleed into my heavily textured Texas wall!  I decided to run to Wal Mart and purchase Elmer’s Spray Adhesive.  I used that for a few applications and it made the process much longer.  But my lines were looking better!

Here is the end of day 2.  Not much more accomplished.  I hate the spray adhesive.  By this point a little bit of the paint has folded over onto the back of the stencil and won’t wash off because…you guessed it…the spray adhesive.  This paint makes it impossible to have a nice clean flush line for more paint not to go under the stencil edges.  I’ve just about given up on my wall with very little progress.  I was scared to even continue because I felt my lines were a little crooked….but I think it was an optical illusion.  Remember everything is so busy that it can throw your eye off a bit.

I didn’t picture paint day 3, but the only way I got through it was by a good five hours of hand stippling on the paint.  Then I had to let the paint dry with the stencil on place, then let the stencil dry, then replace (making careful it is level), and start over.  This project is not for someone who is a beginner level painter.  Thank goodness I have had tons of experience painting!

Here is the end of paint day 5 and my finished wall.  By this time Preston and Sabryna were begging me to finish the wall and clean up the house.  It was slow 40 hour project that spanned out almost a week (I didn’t paint every day).  Doug was out of town and when he saw the final project he said, “Wow, that makes such a positive impact on the room”!

I still have plenty to do in this room but I am loving my 40 hour Moroccan wall!  I will post pictures of my next projects and completed rooms when they are finished.

Things I learned:
It is always wise to do a big project like this when the hubby leaves town. Especially if he specifically told you NOT to do it. haha
Start the stenciling process in the middle of the wall, not the side. Because walls are not always straight. This will help you get it even up top. I feel I was very lucky.
Buy the little stencil level. It is worth the money, I promise. I couldn’t have done this without it.
Stipple the paint on with a large round stipple brush. Don’t roll the paint on because it bleeds underneath the stencil.
Stippling makes it so you don’t need spray adhesive and that stuff is a mess to work with. I wouldn’t use it again.
Go for it!! You can do it and the final result is fabulous. It is by far one of the favorite parts about my home and everyone who comes inside LOVES it.

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