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From Curtains to Throw Pillows…

I’ve been slowly and very frugally decorating my Texas Home.  When designing my interior spaces I have really waited for the right kind of “deal” to come around and contemplated what I will put into my space.  The last thing I want to do is go out and spend $10K to finish up the living room.  I also know I can get that WOW factor with designing on a dime!

I’ve been wanting to introduce a POP of color to my family room and kitchen (one huge space).  Thinking forward and knowing me, I will want to change this color out in two years.  I am just that way.  I’ve tried not to be but I am!  Because of that factor I decided not to paint my walls in color but keep them neutral.  This way if I feel all I want is a change of accent color I can pull out those few elements very easily.

To keep costs down I decided to recover my perfectly fine and very nice throw pillows.  I’ve been to the fabric stores many times and found the one basic pattern with neutrals in it for my cornices that I made in my kitchen nook, but it was very expensive.  The fabric was over $50 per yard, and a yard is only 36 inches.  This can get very pricey when covering several throw pillows.  Plus I never could find the “blue, teal, or turquoise” color I wanted to accent my space.

So I went back to my thinking a few years ago when I made my bed spread.  I decided to look into finding the fabric to cover my throw pillows with a table cloth or a curtain.  After looking around a bit I decided to go into Target.  I love Target, they have some of the newest colors and trendy styles in their selections.  I looked down the aisle and there it sat, this lovely teal/turquoise blue curtain panel.  They only had one left, but that was perfect for me.  I snatched it up as fast as I could, it was destined to be in my home!

The next morning I took it out and put my old pillow cover on top of it.  After I take the seams out I will have plenty of fabric, for only $20, to cover all of my pillows to complete my family room set and also put some on the kitchen bench seating (that has yet been made).

Just to give an idea of how much money this choice saves me, the panel is 54X84, without taking out hems.  After removing the hems it is basically almost 60 inches wide and around 2 1/2 yards long.  This quality of fabric would have cost me around $45/yard or easily $150 if I didn’t have a coupon.  Another money saving  idea I had was to back my pillows with an inexpensive fabric ($2/yd), thus getting far more color out of this one panel.
I’m off to SEW!  Check back later for my completed project!

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