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Handmade Throw Pillows…Delish!!!

Here are my finished handmade throw pillows.  Remember how I found the perfect fabric at Target by using one of their curtain panels?  I turned that one panel into six 18″ square pillows plus two small bolsters for my wicker accent chairs!



 The easiest way to cut out a perfect square is to use a rotary tool.  Mine is still lost from our move…bummer, but scissors work too.  Notice I backed all of my teal fabric with a ivory burlap…which made it possible to make so many pillows!
Here I am sewing my pillows…notice the small seam allowance.  I cut  my pillows 18X18 so they are nice and full when the pillow form is inside.
And here is a stack ready for their zippers.  I put zippers on all of them because I will most likely need to wash them…and I like to change out my decor color often.  So next time around I can reuse my pillow forms again.
This project cost me next to nothing…and it completely transformed my blah boring black couches from icky to yummy. Delish! I could just eat them up!


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