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This is a little pep-talk I gave myself this morning while writing in my journal.  I wanted to share it because it really applies to everyone and in every facet of life.  Almost every day I wait to start something I want to accomplish.  I either feel it is too difficult and defeated, that I do not have enough time, or for some reason I will have a block that inhibits me to begin my new goal.  In my mind I will say, I will start tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.  If I think about it each day is TODAY.
Goals are so important but for me they can become overwhelming.  I want to do sooo MUCH!  But I can do it, there is a way, and the way is to start TODAY.  Even five minutes studying something new, five minutes to write out a meal plan, twenty minutes to exercise, ten minutes to scrub that toilet (lol)…seriously I should just do it TODAY.
So those scriptures are so read, that diet has so started, that meal was so prepared, that shower is so scrubbed, that sewing project has been worked on, that closet is so organized, the laundry over there is so sorted…and it all started TODAY!  With positive energy moving forward I feel on top  of the WORLD!  Well, let me come down from the clouds…I definitely feel on “top” of my LIFE!

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