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Modern Scrapbook Photo Collage

I am slowly moving my favorite ideas from my old blog to my new one.  The original post can be found on chatzkichix.blogspot.com.
I made this picture for my husband a few years ago for Christmas.
I took the photo of he and our youngest at the Aquarium. When I had the image printed I fell in love with it—the photo was taken while the two of them were deep in conversation about the fish. I love how it is just their silhouettes and how they are holding hands.
Doug loves modern design so I knew I needed to do something cutting edge for him to appreciate the gift. I had the photo enlarged at Costco and then cut it up into even squares. I then picked an acid free scrapbook paper for the background (this one is from Basic Grey). The technique I used to lay out the picture was simple. I kept the squares close together where their bodies were and spread them out as if fading into the background where focal points were not.
I hope you enjoy this as much as Doug did when he opened it Christmas morning!

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