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Halloween Altered Art

I love Halloween.  It’s right in the middle of my favorite time of year, fall, which reminds me of marrying the love of my life.  We were married October 1st, so this time of year, and this season brings so much joy to me!

I especially love handing out candy to all of the neighborhood children and of course, decorating my home.

For Halloween I don’t go all out spooky, but tend to bring in fall colors and décor that can also last through Thanksgiving.  I will add a few Halloween specific items that can be removed quickly and replaced for the next event.

I’m a multi-media artist and one of my favorite things to do is pull out the paints and get busy transforming portraits or anything for that matter.  I quickly made this last week for a class I taught on altered art portraits.

It is now a fun centerpiece for my Halloween displays in my home!  It was super easy.

What you will need:

matte board, canvas or something to mount your photo onto
flat modge podge
picture approximately the size of your project board
scrapbook paper of choice
fine grit sand paper
acrylic paint
paint brushes, toothpicks
brown or black ink pad
small sponge for antiquing

1.  Glue scrapbook paper of choice to your matte board.
2.  Cut around photo, place on board (do not glue)
3.  Cut out other designs and place on board, coming up with the perfect arrangement.
4.  After everything is arranged how you will want carefully glue down your picture.
5.  Take a small amount of gesso and mix with your paint colors.  This allows the paint to actually stick onto the photo, otherwise it will easily wipe off.
6.  With a stippling brush I painted a light green aura around my family, just for a fun effect.
7.  Let your imagination take over, painting your subjects into different characters.
8.  Glue down remaining paper pieces.
9.  Sand lightly around edges of matte board, almost melding all different surfaces as one.
10. Using brown or black in pad and sponge dab around edges and corners if you want a worn look.

I painted red eyes, horns and a devils tail on Jacob.  I turned Michael into Frankenstein complete with cut on his forehead and bolts in his neck!


Doug is the classic Dracula with widows peak, red eyes and fangs.  I am one of his victims, bite marks on my neck and red eyes as I am turning into a vampire.  Pictured front Preston is a little vampire, just like his dad.  Behind us, our oldest, Jordan is a big Devil.


And here we have Sabryna the Witch, complete with a hat made from black scrapbook paper and a black widow spider hanging from the rim.
The background paper is from one of my favorite designers, Graphics 45.  You can find them at specialty boutiques or on their website www.g45papers.com
Happy Halloween!

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