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Dorm Sweet Dorm

College is expensive enough and then to add to the cost with decorating a dorm can be quite overwhelming. But it was important to me for my daughter to have a special place to live. Somewhere she would feel wrapped in love when she came back from classes. Somewhere she would feel close to home even though she is miles away. So this is what we came up with together, this is her Dorm Sweet Dorm.

For the last month of summer Sabryna and I worked together coming up with ideas for her room. This activity gave us that mommy daughter time together before she left and we had a BLAST! By repurposing furniture and clearance finds this room only cost around $150!
When designing a dorm room on a budget take a look around your own home and see what you can repurpose and use again for your new space. Shown in the photo above and below, the shelf was inside my entry closet and used to be black. We painted and papered it to look adorable. Details in the next post. Her purse and keys are hanging on a little wall plaque I had laying around. She hand painted the Lily Pulitzer design right onto it, taking it from drab to fab!


Shown in the photo below you will see a padded trunk for seating and storage. (Ignore the grey curtain, that is her roommates)… This trunk was her little brother’s toy chest for years. It was stuck in his closet not being used much at all. We painted and added a padded seat! Now she has seating for a friend plus extra storage. Win Win!
The dream catcher was a favorite from her bedroom, she just had to reuse…the same with her throw pillows and Scentsy lamb given to her by her grandma years ago. Several of the pictures were brought from her bedroom here at home and she painted a few of them herself too. She oozes talent. Love my girl!
The bed skirt is Burlap that we used witch stitch (an iron on seam stay). We didn’t sew at all and in fact made it right there at her dorm. It is strung across with twine and tied to both sides of her bed. Her bed is so tall you can’t see a small dresser underneath on the back end, but it is easy accessible by pulling the bed skirt to the side just like a curtain.
This is her bed before I made her headboard…
and this is after!
What a difference a little fabric can make, the impact is amazing.
To make the headboard I added elastic to the back of home made window cornices.
There is a tutorial on my blog.


Here we are, plus dad and Preston, taking a selfie after the project was done.
I bawled like a baby when we got on the freeway, leaving her four hours away. But I felt good knowing she had her own little Dorm Sweet Dorm.

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