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Entry Way Decor

My BFF here in Texas has a huge house and she is ready to finish decorating it. Lucky me, because I get to be the one she bounces ideas off, help pick furniture, fabrics, and so forth. Recently we finished her entry way. I am loving the way it turned out!

Heather has traditional style with a contemporary edge. I like to call it “Transitional” design. I love it because you can take the very traditional furniture pieces and make it “of the times” by introducing contemporary accents and hanging pictures in a non-traditional way.

When I design an entry way I look first at scale. I ask myself can I fit a chair, a bench, or a table? If so how large can these be? Some entry ways are very small and do not allow for much. In those cases less is more. Luckily this space is nice and large.
Heather had pictures and plaques around her home that had previously been on walls of her other house. I love working with these types of prints. When putting a wall collage together the more the merrier. Our dear friend Becca added to the fun by purchasing for her the “Family Rules” board.
I always lay my frames out onto the floor in the pattern I feel will work best on the wall. In this case I wanted the pictures to stair step up the wall, following the line of the staircase. Proportionally this always looks amazing when finished.
I then trace the pictures onto paper and cut the paper out, tape onto the wall, making sure everything fits and nail the holes directly where the paper is. This is the easiest and most convenient way to hang a collage. I don’t have pictures of that process with this particular design, but I used this same technique in a previous post.
After the pictures were up we went to a furniture store and found this very unique chest that has a wooden carving of tree branches in the drawers. It was perfect because Heather LOVES trees. So this speaks directly to her individual personality, giving her home such a personal touch.
The chair we bought at the same furniture outlet store. Notice the scale of the chair in the relationship to the staircase. The back does not go up high into the space impeding the view of the stairs. The fit is perfect and the end result is FABULOUS!
Accessories were purchased and found by Heather and Hayley. Hayley has quite the eye for design. The green brings in warmth and the different colored brown book boxes bring in texture. Yum yum, I could eat it up!
UPDATED PHOTO by www.shoot2sell.net
heathers collage

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