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How To Design A Clock Collage Wall

clock collage wall
Do you remember Swatch watches? There was a time, in my much younger years, where I would layer watches up my arm. I was a bit giddy over clocks. As a matter of fact, I still have quite the collection of old watches. I find myself having the same fond attraction to wall clocks.
I ended up with several and decided to make a collage. I have five children and they live in different parts of the US. I can set a clock for each one of them plus one for myself. Then I can sit across the room and read a book as time passes. Or maybe I’ll see how fast I can clean the house? Humm…who am I kidding? Book option wins! These clocks really make me happy and fill up that small space by the arched doorway perfectly.
 clock collage

How To Make a Clock Collage Wall:

To create this design I laid out the clocks on the floor and discovered how I would like to hang them on my wall. Afterwards I traced the clocks onto the backs of wrapping paper, marking where the nail needed to be positioned. Then I taped the paper onto the wall, nailed the nails directly into the paper. Next I took off the paper and replaced with the clocks.
There is a super easy tutorial with this same idea found HERE.
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