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Fall Burlap Wreath Tutorial: Fall is at the Door!

I’ve been wanting a burlap wreath for my door so I decided to take the plunge into burlap land. I read many tutorials and even tried a few of their techniques, however to get a real full big burlap wreath (Texas style) I came up with my own tricks!

First you’ll need a wire wreath form. I bought mine at WalMart for under $5. You’ll need floral wire (not shown) wire cutters, and lots wide of burlap ribbon. I used five spools of this burlap ribbon.
Start with tying a knot with the burlap onto the wreath form. Then start weaving in and out between the wires making loops. Mine were about two inches long. I cut my wire into 3 inch peices and wired each loop at the base. This kept my wreath together allowing for me to make it much fuller.
It takes quite a while, I’m not going to lie.
I actually was surprised it took me a few hours before it was completely woven into a perfect burlap wreath!
Next is the fun part, putting on all the decorations! I always lay out my design first and I usually never know exactly how it’s going to look. I might grab a little if this or that to finish the look.
I always start with the largest object. In this case it’s the sunflowers.

Clip flowers short but not too much, you’ll need to either wire or glue them in place. Next start laying everything out.

I could have stopped here for a simple look but decided to use the green leaves from the sunflowers.
Looks better but still needs something more…then I saw in my craft bin turkey feathers!!! It added the perfect touch and pulled in the color of the burlap too.
Once happy with my design I used hot glue to keep it in place. To finish it off I decided to make a large orange burlap bow.
And here’s my finished wreath hanging on my front door!
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by!

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