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Harvest Homes: Food for the Soul

Do you have those decorations you use year after year and it brings comfort to your soul? Kind of like eating a big bowl of mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup? It just hits the spot right when you need it most.

Well I do! During fall they are my little harvest homes. They aren’t designer and probably aren’t worth much money at all, but they mean the world to me. I’ve had these since my kids were little and each year as I put them out they bring warmth and coziness inside my home.

I found some pictures of them in my old house about five years ago. I remember arranging them and still love how it turned out!

Keeping my display simple I used books to make some homes up on “hills”  which makes for a sophisticated but clean look.

I also like to add little surprises in my village.  As you can see there are little ceramic pumpkins that are not to scale, but fit in nicely with the time of year and colors.  I feel the “unexpected” can really make a huge impact and individualize a display to your own personality.

Little tree’s are always a must to finish off the look!
Now let’s fast forward five years to present day…
I have a challenge where my television is mounted above my fireplace. This is great because I don’t have the need for a television stand and the fireplace anchors it in place so it doesn’t look like it is just floating on the wall. However it is a complete designer curse to someone who absolutely LOVES decorating mantles each holiday (that would be ME)!
Fortunately for me my Harvest Homes fit nicely along and do not go high enough to impede the view. If they had I may have removed the television for a season!
For my vignette I took some fall leaf garland and ran it across as a backing next to the wall. Next I added my homes, trees, and even my larger ceramic pumpkins. I updated the look complete with a fall colored burlap banner attached to jute twine. You can find my tutorial on how to make this banner by clicking the link https://www.quitecontemporary.com/?p=288.

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