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Leaves of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is LATE this year, falling on the 27th, so a lot of my friends are already putting up Christmas. To tell you the truth, I would have too, but I went to Mother’s weekend at Texas State, came home to a sick boy for four days, then was in charge of a Gratitude dinner at my church where I decorated plus made dinner for 35 lovely ladies, and last of all I got sick {cough, cough}. To make matters worse my computer stopped posting anything so I am making sure to stay in good graces with the husband so I can use his laptop. {insert grin} Thanks Doug!

Okay enough of THAT. Just because all of those things happened didn’t mean I wasn’t keeping myself busy ready to blog away. I am a week behind so I can’t rush into Christmas just yet. However, I’m sure that there are plenty setting their Thanksgiving Tables this week that may want a few last minute quick and easy HACKS I have put together. But first I want to showcase this gorgeous Gratitude Tree that I made as the centerpiece for our church Gratitude Dinner. Lets face it, these have been around for a few years and I’ve always wanted to make one. So the time was right and I went for it. This tree just gleams with things I am grateful for which makes me love it even more.

What you’ll need:
#10 tin can (I used an empty one from my food storage)
hot glue
toilet paper and plastic bags
2 cut tree limbs or purchased from store
burlap scraps
paper scraps
Christmas ornament hangers
Rocks (one bag from Dollar Tree)

First heat up your glue gun and grab your #10 tin can and rope.


Starting at the bottom of your container start gluing every so often the rope around the can.
Go all the way up to the top and then clip the rope at an angle so it will lay flat at the top and won’t be noticeable.
Using any stain you have or just watered down acrylic paint (heck you could even spray paint too)…color the rope for your desired effect. Tip: use a blow dryer to make your project dry quickly!
Since I was making my tree at 10:00 pm when I got to this point I had to be innovative. I didn’t have any green floral foam. Instead I used a large roll of toilet paper!


To keep everything in place I shoved every nook and cranny tightly with plastic grocery bags. To hide it all I used one bag of rocks from the Dollar Tree.
Cheapest alternative to floral foam ever. I love when constraints bring about innovation!
Tie a burlap ribbon around the base…I did a simple bow and used tone on tone colors to remind myself that gratitude is about the simple things in life.


I cut little burlap leaves out and realized it was not going to be easy to write on these babies. I ended up using light burlap colored paper instead. I still hung a few of the dark leaves on my tree for accent and depth.


Here are a few things that I am grateful for…I added about double to my tree and hung with Christmas tree hooks.


To tell you the truth, I’m glad I haven’t hurried Christmas this year. I love this time of year, the warmth of fall colors, and the gathering of family and friends. I would like to say that I am grateful for blogger, a platform that I might be able to share my ideas with friends, family and people like you!

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