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Thanksgiving Table Setting on a Dollar Budget

I visited the Dollar Tree a few days ago and my imagination went WILD. I LOVE a good deal and I LOVE the Dollar Tree! Plus let’s face it…a dollar saved is a dollar earned!
I’ve made making these burlap placemats EASY! You will need 1.5 yards of burlap. Burlap is $2.39 at Hobby Lobby–don’t forget to download their 40% off coupon. This brings the cost down to about 50 cents a mat!
Using an old fabric placemat as a template cut burlap leaving approximately 1 inch seam allowance.

Iron seam allowance right up over pattern. Remove pattern and using a low temp hot glue gun seal seam closed.


Turn over placemat and on front side place stencil. I decided to use words I love that encompass Thanksgiving. I chose words that would fit perfectly along the edge. With my stencil these words were 6-7 letters long.
Use a ruler to evenly space and paint on parchment paper. Any acrylic paint works! I used off white and applied with a very old stipple brush. If you don’t have one cut up a sponge.
I got innovative and had fun using grapevine wreaths from the Dollar Tree as chargers.


Right now they have beautiful cranberry colored dinner plates too. The little leaf embellished plates I bought last year at WalMart.


I had old creme colored fabric napkins. I used my iron to bring life back into them. In my cupboard I set two different wine glasses at each setting. I didn’t have enough of the exact same glasses to go around so I improvised and used different ones. I love the way it is mismatched and gives such a rich eclectic feel.

I finished my look with a Thanksgiving gift. This year I made burlap covered gratitude journals! Click here for tutorial…

Look for my tutorial on clothespin place markers here…
Thanks for stopping by!


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