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Toilet Paper Pumpkins

These toilet paper pumpkins can be used both before AND after Thanksgiving. Decor with dual purpose. {giggle}
Making these is easy peasy. If you’re game go rob all of your bathrooms of both new and not so new toilet paper rolls.
You’ll need scraps of quilt batting and six inches of burlap per pumpkin.
Cut batting into strips about half the width of your toilet paper roll.

Wrap around center of toilet paper until desired thickness. I used more on the new roll and less on the other rolls so my pumpkins would vary in size. Secure with a little dab of hot glue.

Cut 2 inch strips of burlap in colors of your choice. You could use ribbon instead.
Starting at the top secure with hot glue and wrap around your toilet paper form.
After your pumpkin is covered make a stem with a clothes pin and rope. Clip onto rope securing with hot glue.

I wanted my stems different colors. I left one natural, used wood stain one the second, and spray painted the third.

Finish the look with jute twine hot glued to the stem to look like a vine.
And the final step…set out on your table
For the perfect fall pumpkin vignette!
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