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Christmas Paper Village Set

There is something about little houses, isn’t there?! This little set of paper homes is one of my all time favorite creations.

Victoria Magazine came out with these Harvest Home patterns in 2008. You can find them here (copy and paste link in browser). There are three different styles available free in PDF format.
I made my homes glisten with Christmas cheer by cutting them out in my favorite color of metallic paper, vintage gold. Turn the paper around and run it through the printer so it prints on the back side. This eliminates having to cut a pattern and trace.
After cutting out your pattern score all lines with a scoring blade for precision when making your creases. Glue homes together with mod podge. Details attached with hot glue.
Cut the little windows out using an exacto knife. I put window panes in my houses using vellum paper.
For an extra touch cut little holes in the back for a strand of lights. You can also leave bottoms unglued so you can lift up and use battery operated tea lights.
I made little box platforms for the homes to sit upon to make them different heights.
I added glitter from Martha Stewart in “White Gold” to the roof tops to mimic snow and antique gold sparkly pipe cleaners for gilded accents.
To finish my homes and add a vintage touch I added matching antique buttons to the peaks of each roof.
The little bottle brush trees were purchased from the Dollar Tree and sparkled with the same white gold glitter.
The large bottle brush tree I purchased from Target.
Set upon a cake plate they make the perfect centerpiece on my living room coffee table this year!
xoxo, Amylia

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