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New Year Resolution ~ Busy Something’s That Matter


“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings” writes
Fanny to her sister in Mansfield Park.
As I watched the Jane Austin film her words seemed to jump out of the television screen and slap me
across the face. In my life it seems true, so very painfully true. Often I find myself
busy doing things, things that don’t really matter, and as of recent it
has gotten unbearably tiresome. I know that I want 2015 to be different, I want
it to be full of busy something’s that matter. Something’s that will change not
only my life for the better but bless my family, friends, and hopefully people
I don’t even know yet. Therefore, I have decided, this will be my New Year’s
Now where do I start? I saw a quote a month ago that really
inspired me.
“You’ll never change your life until your change something
you do daily. The secret in your success is found in your daily routine.” ~John
C. Maxwell
So there it is. My daily routine needs to change. I’ve got a
week to pull things together and come up with a plan before January 1st.
To do this I am going to gather all of the wisdom I have and start with what has worked for me in the past 25 years–plus add in a few tweaks to accommodate
who I am today.
I recall a time where I was very busy yet managed to still keep being mom (of four back then),
wife, job, volunteer, and house-keeper all together impeccably. I even exercised one hour
each morning! Oh how I miss that super woman I used to be…I look back at those days and remember my daily routine. It was
different than now, it was structured, and I held to it EVERY DAY. I had a plan and I had
it written down. In fact, I was done with all chores each day by 10:00 am. Because I am a pack rat what was lost is now
found! While going through old paper work I located my little calendar from
long ago which had my daily, weekly, and monthly chores all structured and
written out. The result in following this chore chart was a very organized and clean
home. It didn’t take much time at all, and within one month I was able to touch
every single part of my house to keep it perfect.
Below is my individualized plan. Notice that I have kept
Tuesday and Thursday’s light. That is because these are the two days a week I
plan on giving back through service projects.  Saturday weekly chores I am available to
oversee and train the kids in their duties for their own bedrooms. I have kept
Saturday and Sunday’s free from weekly and monthly chores as well so that I can
have time with my family. I am also going to make chore charts for Preston to
help lighten my load and earn money. He thrives on structure and loves marking
things off of a list. Don’t we all? I know it helps me feel like I have
accomplished something during the day.


Daily Routine


~ Make Bed


~ Personal


~ Fix Meals,
Dishes, Sweep


~ Laundry
(wash, fold, put away)
Weekly Assignments (done each week, in
addition to daily routine)


~ Bathrooms
~ Vacuum Living room
~ Water Plants
~ Grocery Shop
~ Wash fingerprints from walls and doors
~ Clean by bedroom & vacuum floor
~ Change my sheets
~ Dust my room, windowsills & baseboards
~ Mop kitchen floor
~ Clean bath and floor
~ Vacuum living room
~ Dust all rooms
~ Kids’ Room
~ Dust Kids’ furniture, windowsills & baseboards
~ Vacuum kids’ room



Monthly Schedule (do in addition to
daily and weekly assignments)


1st Week
~ change Kids’ sheets
~ ironing & mending
~ straighten ¼ of kitchen
~ clean Fridge
~ straighten my closet and drawers
~ clean entry closet
2nd Week
~ wash windows and mirrors
~ straighten bookcases
~ straighten ¼ of kitchen
~ organize ½ laundry room
~ wash fronts of kitchen cupboards, washer & dryer
3rd Week
~ change kids’ sheets
~ ironing & mending
~ straighten ¼ of kitchen
~ organize sewing/craft area
~ straighten linen closet & medicine chest
4th Week
~ clean kids’ closets (remove seasonal or unused items)
~ straighten ¼ of kitchen
~ organize ½ laundry room
~ dust lamp shades and picture frames


Feel free to copy and print the above schedule plus change it to suit your own life. Don’t let it seem overwhelming by looking at every task. Take it one day at a time. January might be rough, but as you get through your entire home the remaining months will be a breeze!

Other area’s I want to change in my daily routine are
service, spiritual growth, nutrition, and budget. I’ll post my plan for those later this
week! I’m so grateful for new beginnings and for 2015. It’s going to be a year full of busy something’s that matter!


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