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From Pallet to Book Shelf

Last fall I had a week in absolute heaven visiting my first ever grandson! While I was there I noticed my daughter-in-law had a pallet. I’ve always wanted to do a pallet makeover and this was a great opportunity to leave a little if grandma behind in Miles’ bedroom. Look how irresistible he is!!

To make this project you will need a saw, sander, paint (I mixed chalk in mine) and hanging hardware.
Cut the ends off each side of the pallet so it looks like this (you’ll have two ends or two shelves from one pallet).
I apologize for not taking more pictures! I used that huge belt sander and took off all of the rough edges. It was very unfinished and I didn’t want Miles to get slivers!
I actually painted it by mixing my own chalk paint! It was my first experience with it and I loved how it turned out.
After painting I sanded again and then painted another coat. Ashley and I went to the craft store to find some way to decorate it. We were inspired to put his first and middle name on the fronts. He seriously has the cutest name! We painted these navy blue adding chalk into that paint too.
I did end up painting the bottoms too!
Using wood glue I adhered the letters in place. After they were nice and secure I added hardware and hung them under his bedroom window. There is a cute little step where he can sit as he gets older.
Ashley and I filled it with books she was given and here is the final result…looks perfect in his little Seahawks bedroom!
I can’t wait to go visit again this Spring and read a few of those books to him!
xoxo, Amylia

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