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MAYBE, Just Maybe…

Maybe you want to give up. You’re tired of the drudgery of day in and day out. Tired of nothing going right, exhausted because things are hard.
Maybe you are being judged for past actions, for making decisions that people don’t understand your reasons as to why, or that for some reason people think less of you than they should. Maybe you’ve lost your job and have looked around every corner just to be told “we don’t want you”. Maybe your down in the dumps because your health is failing or your marriage is a shambles. Maybe your relationship with your children or parents isn’t what you want it to be. Maybe it feels like your world as you know it is coming to and end.
But maybe, just maybe, that world as you know it IS COMING TO AN END because it is supposed to! And maybe, just maybe, that is the VERY PURPOSE GOD PUT YOU IN THE EXACT SPOT YOU ARE IN. Because maybe, just maybe, HE HAS SOMETHING MUCH BETTER IN STORE for YOU and it’s RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!
You can’t see it yet…but in your dreams you can feel it. And as you dream those dreams they settle into the depths of your heart. One day you can feel those dreams starting to peek up and give you HOPE AGAIN. That hope you feel turns into prayers that slowly, sometimes every so slowly lead to fruition. Then one day, maybe tomorrow or even maybe years down the road–you realize that these trials you are going through are for your good, to make you better, to build you stronger. To bring about CHANGE.
Because now your life is better than it ever was before! You are HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE and so with tears in your eyes you are eternally grateful because GOD IS SO GOOD. And you see how he worked miracles through others which helped you along your path. Looking back you see that in your DEEPEST SORROW AND PRAYERFUL PLEADINGS that he did not abandon you. But He was carrying you, refining you, molding you into the you that needed to be in the future. He was preparing you to receive the blessings. He sent tender mercies along the way as messages and signs to show you HE WAS ALWAYS THERE.
And it is so clear now. You finally understand why you had to go through it and you are actually GRATEFUL FOR THOSE TRIALS. You are grateful you were unrighteously judged, grateful you lost that job, grateful you noticed your relationships weren’t what they should be. Because through the refiners fire every aspect has now changed and most importantly you have changed too. And you are GRATEFUL YOU NEVER GAVE UP!!!

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