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Repurposing your Home on a Budget

There are a few areas in my home that I just don’t like and others I absolutely love. So this year I’ve decided I want to love it all. Of course on my next to nothing budget…which makes it even more fun!
One of the best ways to create change on a budget is to repurpose your home. That is where you move furnishings and photos around to different rooms to create a new fabulous look.
I have a formal dining area where we have placed our baby grand piano. My idea was to make this a music room. I quickly hung dated pictures on one wall and put my love seat in the corner of the opposite side. I’ve hated it ever since. Two years flew by and the other day I decided to sell the couch and buy chairs. That led to another idea, which led to yet another. Now I’m beginning to love this space!
The lesson learned here is to not be afraid to make that one change that will ignite other changes. I knew the sofa didn’t work. I’m so glad it’s gone!
Here is the wall with my outdated pictures. I have been wanting to change my entry wall which looked like this…
I love my family photos but those frames were purchased for my home in WA and I just never loved how it looked. So I hung and updated it with my “C” which was hung on the wall opposite.
I’m loving how it looks now {happy dance}. Of course I used my ever trusty trick to hang them perfectly by tracing each frame onto left over Christmas wrapping paper!
Now that I love the right hand side of my room I stepped back and realized this room has always felt unbalanced. I have a huge heavy black piano in one corner and used to have a short sofa opposite. The high ceilings in here made for a lot of empty wall space.
To balance the room I need height on the opposite side. So I went into the front room and moved this hot mess…
…or at least just the shelf…to the opposite side of the room.
It needs a little more staging, but after I buy my two chairs with the money from selling my sofa the room will be complete. Finished without spending a dime!
That is until I look up and see that ugly light fixture {just don’t look up}!
UPDATED PHOTOS: Here’s my space with new chairs, light fixture and I still love the wall collage. Photo credit www.shoot2sale.net.
Ultimately my solution for the entryway was to remove the family photos and reposition them in the music room. I then found a room divider and took the hinges off, hanging all three pieces together to make a bold statement. You can see a bit of what this space looks like.
Music room with the collage of my family pictures that used to be in my entry way. It looks ten times better on this wall. I updated my light fixture with this gorgeous orb light from Cost Plus Imports.
My shelves that used to be in the office, all cleaned up and repurposed inside the music room. They add a balancing effect to the height of the photos on the right side of the room. The dark color grounds that side of the room so it isn’t so left heavy with the baby grand piano.
How can you repurpose your home and take it to the next level? Please share if you have done the same.

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