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DIY Diaper Bouquet

Spring brings babies and Babies bring diapers…in the form of Bouquets <3

I had the opportunity to help decorate for a friend & neighbors baby shower yesterday. In my mind I always think dual gift! Decor plus decoration…now that’s right up my alley!!

I’ve always wanted to make a diaper cake. But when I searched ideas on Pinterest a darling bouquet came up by www.being-Genevieve.com. I gave it my little twist and had a blast making this gift!

What you’ll need:

Round foam ball (floral foam will work too)
Package of 34 size 1 Pampers
3 yards coordinating 1 inch wired ribbon
Small piece of wire (floral wire works)
1. Fill your jar with goodies…
2. Roll all diapers onto skewers securing with clear rubber bands about 3/4 down. You can get creative and roll a bit angled and tuck edges to look more like a rose!
3. Cut your smaller ribbon into pieces. I cut mine about 5 inches. Secure closed with hot glue…just a little dab will do.
4. Cut foam ball in half and hot glue to top of jar.
5. Make large center bow and secure with a bread tie or any wire you may have. Wire to a skewer, cut skewer to about 3 inches in length and secure into foam ball.
6. Β Starting at the top of your foam ball stick in your first rose. All roses after will need cut down with cutting pliers. I took 1-2 inches off of each skewer.
7. Work your way down to bow making sides equal, spacing and staggering diaper roses down into a bouquet shape. Do the same in the back until you have used each rose diaper.
8. Stick in extra decor like an “it’s a girl” sign or a little card. This is a huge centerpiece and so much fun to make!

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