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Black Grape Juicing Recipe

While sitting here drinking this fresh pressed juice I’m screaming inside with excitement…THIS IS WHAT HEALTHY TASTES LIKE!! So excited about this refreshing flavonoid packed treat!

To make this delish drink all you need is:
Black Grapes
1 Lemon wedge
Thumb of ginger
To remove any debris or pesticides from your grapes soak in a solution of cool water, vinegar, and sea salt for 10-15 minutes. Rinse well and spin water off with salad spinner.
Separate grapes from vine and put in juicer, then one lemon wedge and a thumb of ginger.
It’s perfect left room temperature or even serve on ice.
Enjoy all the benefits from black grapes…remember the darker the grape the healthier! This is packed with resveratrol which are anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, and anti-viral agents.
It is also chucked full of flavonoids, minerals, & vitamins. So juice & enjoy!!

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