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How to Plan a Bridal Shower

steps to plan bridal shower

Last weekend I threw my daughter a bridal shower. I learned a lot because I am planning her wedding too. I have planned bridal showers before but never with the perspective of the Mother of the Bride and that pretty much changed everything. I wanted to make the evening really special and with the following ideas I was able to accomplish just that.

11 Ideas for Planning an Amazing Bridal Shower:

1. Don’t decorate with the wedding decor. It was really important to me not to reveal or give away the wedding decorations. I wanted the shower to be in the same color theme because those are the colors she loves but I mixed it up a bit. At her wedding the colors are mostly white, gold and a hint of blush pink. So for the shower I decorated with more blush pink and a hint of gold. All of the decor I used were made specifically for the shower and will not be reused at the wedding reception.
 2. Themes make it easier to decorate. Themes are not usually my thing but I loved how easy it made every decision thereafter. To come up with my theme I thought of things my daughter loves that she will not be using at her wedding. Right now she is obsessed with Pineapples. It was fun to surprise her by using pineapples, she was so excited!
 3. Decorate a focal point where the Bride-to-Be can sit and be seen by everyone. A fireplace hearth is always a good option but if your space doesn’t have one then you can easily make a fun backdrop and add in a chalk board or a sign.

4. Decorate an inviting entry table. Either right outside the front door or as soon as you walk in decorate an entry table and have the Bride stand beside it to greet each guest. This really is important for those who may not get another chance to hug or have a one on one conversation with the lady of the hour! It also makes each guest feel extra special.

5. Find a perfect balance between socializing, games, presents & pictures. I have found that the easiest way to achieve this balance is to have a dinner. This way your guests can chit chat while around the tables. Food is always good conversation and a gateway into other events.
 6. Serve healthy, fresh & easy to prepare food & what the Bride loves to eat. I’ve catered my fair share of parties. This to me is the most important part because you want your food fresh. I knew I wanted to use pineapples in my fruit salad and I so I added watermelon and cantaloupe for a fresh side dish. I bought spring rolls and baked them two hours before the event started and kept them in a warmer. I went to the market in the morning and picked up seven different sushi rolls & varieties. I added a spinach, mango & avocado salad, as well as a freshly made cabbage salad. Lemon iced tea was the beverage of choice along with water. Sabryna loves sushi & cabbage salad. We aren’t having it at the wedding. So this was my time to spoil her with what she loves!
7. Keep games to a minimum. I asked one of the brides maids to prepare a few games. She did a fabulous job. I had wooden spoons at the door for each guest to write down advice on as well as handed out rings with key words people could not say. The guest at the end of the event with the most rings won a prize. The games played were a video tape question/answer pre-taped of Brady and a purse raid. All were super fun, interactive, and not long.
8. Use the centerpieces & live florals as prizes. My friend and I made the most beautiful pineapple fresh floral centerpieces. Some with roses and others with hydrangea’s. Since I had five of these I used them as the gifts so they could be enjoyed in several homes afterwards! This also saves money and time thinking about what to purchase that would be appreciated for prizes. Live floral arrangements are always a classy addition!
 9. Schedule an outdoor photo shoot with all her friends. Brides love photos & photo shoots. Make sure you take time before it is dark to get all those must have pictures taken!
 10. Have a take home gift for each guest to remember the night. To honor each guest you can make a simple take home gift or hand out thanking them for their friendship and for coming to support the Bride. I found instructions for the cute pineapple take-home HERE. I simply painted matte boards blush pink and finished off with gold vinyl.
 11. Have Fun. Take time to enjoy yourself and the event itself. Afterwards I didn’t hurry & take everything down right away. I waited for everyone to leave and visited with all the guests–really taking time to enjoy the night. This made a huge difference for my enjoyment level. There is always time to take down decor, but the event is only a few hours long.
I hope these ideas will help you when planning a beautiful bridal shower. Please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you. Also, feel free to PIN the image below and Share the Love. xo
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Me {the Mom} and Bride-to-Be


steps to plan bridal shower

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