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Antiqued Indoor Wreath & Stocking Holders

A few months ago my friend Kelly and I went to a barn sale out in Terrell. Getting to this barn was kinda scary–way out in the back country. When we finally made it we both found some pretty amazing finds. I grabbed ahold of these antique banisters that were salvaged years ago from an old torn down mansion in Fort Worth. The antiquing is genuine and I fell in LOVE. My thought is that they would be perfect to turn into table top wreath or stocking holders!

{gorgeous wooden leaf wreath was purchased from Target}

{I made these sparkling burlap stockings last year}
I simply made a base and attached using a drill and long screws.
I matched the paint color and using chalk paint distressed the new stands.
I bought most of my hardware in Canton at First Monday Trade Day Event.
I love this one because you can twist it completely off to attach anything.



These were a mess when I found them, covered in dirt and even some rodent droppings (eek).
I cleaned them up, did a little sanding, waxing and some good old Amylia TLC treatments.


I love love love the door knob hardware. The top was purchased in Canton and the bottom was purchased at Hobby Lobby.


I added double bases to some for extra height.


You can see here some of the love and detail I put into the bases.
This project was so much fun. I wish I could go back in time and buy more than just ten of these banister pieces. Hind sight is always, always 20/20.
Hugs, Amylia

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