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Directions for Transferring Vinyl

These steps are for my custom Event Plates designs sold on Etsy.com.

  • Using the end of a plastic spatula or similar tool rub gently but firmly a few times to assure that image will be fully adhered to clear plastic transfer paper.
  • Using sharp scissors cut around image (as shown in two examples sent).
  • Carefully remove the white backing paper. Vinyl will be on the clear transfer paper. If it does not come off completely rub with spatula again until it is fully adhered.
  • Eyeball the correct positioning on the center of your plate. Being careful (because you will not be able to re-lift this image if using force) gently lay in proper position. Very gently set it on and then you will be able to lift and reposition if needed.
  • Press with fingers and adhere just like you would a sticker.
  • Using the spatula rub letters onto plate.
  • Remove transfer paper by gently peeling starting on right corner.
After application is on plates gently rub again with fingers, making sure image is fully adhered. This will stay on through a dishwashing cycle if it is adhered correctly.

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