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Christmas Tree Garland Made Easy!

I love ribbon Garland to go down a Christmas tree instead of around it. I figured out a little trick years ago that made spacing and setting up my tree easy!
First take a plastic shower curtain ring to use as hardware. If you don’t have one then a mason jar ring would work too. I’ve even tied some jute twine in a circle. Any circle will do!
Second tie your ribbon onto the shower ring as shown.
Next measure the ribbon as long as your tree is. Mine is 9 feet.
Continue to tie ribbon until the ring is filled. I alternated with gold ribbon for more visual interest. All ribbon is cut into 9 foot lengths.
After simply set completed ribbon ring up on top of tree. I always decorate the top portion of my faux tree on the ground so it is much easier!


Finally attach the Star or any topper. I wire my star in place so it won’t tip over.
I put the entire top portion on the tree and situate the ribbons perfectly around the tree.
After the garland is in place it’s time to decorate!
 The following are some great steals and deals on what I used to decorate my tree. Merry Christmas!

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