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Changing Light Fixtures is Easy Peasy!

Disclaimer: I am not an electrician nor an expert! Please read all instructions that come with your specific light fixture & most importantly STAY SAFE.
If you want to make a dramatic change to your home one of the easiest ways is to change out the light fixtures. I use the word “easy” loosely. I’ve had this very traditional fixture in my music room for three years. It’s one of those that came with the house when we purchased it. I wanted to have a fixture that matched more my style but hesitated because I didn’t want to pay an electrician.
Around my house what usually happens is that Doug will say the light is fine, I will express that I want to change it, he will not encourage the change. So I wait for him to leave town, get brave, and do it myself. hahahaha
As it turns out, that is exactly what happened! I purchased the perfect rustic looking orb at World Market for $150. I love the modern look of the orb lights and caged lights, but I needed a rustic finish that would go with my home. This light provided the perfect mix of both elements.
Tools you will need:
Phillips head screwdriver (or) electric drill with phillips bit
Needle nose pliers
Bolt cutters (If you are shortening a chain on your fixture)
Time you will need:
No more than one hour. It took me around 45 minutes.
First turn off your circuit breaker to the light source you will be changing. Sometimes these will accidentally be mislabeled. So make sure that you try to turn the light on and don’t just trust the labeling.
With circuit off remove existing light fixture. This is simple, just twist the screw counter clock wise (remember lefty loosey, righty tighty). Once it is down simply twist the wiring loose from the wires coming out of the ceiling.
The first thing I did was shorten the amount of length that my new fixture would hang. I did an eye ball sort of measurement and decided to take out half of the chain. To do this I used some heavy duty bolt removers.
Now that the chain was shortened I needed to shorten the cord. Notice the black plug inside the large center screw? Simply pull that out and the cord will freely move to shorten.
Don’t worry about all the extra cording or needing to cut it because there will be plenty of room to put it up into the ceiling. When the cord is the correct length then put the stopper back inside the center screw. This will hold the cord nicely in place.
Next examine the wiring coming out of the ceiling. The black wire is positive, the white is negative, and the copper wire is what grounds the fixture. I used my tall ladder to prop my new fixture on. This freed both of my hands. If you cannot do this make sure you have a second person help you hold it up!
Here is a close up. Remove the yellow caps off the ends of the wires.

Attach with long screws the metal bracket to the ceiling. After this is done you will have free hands to twist the wiring together. Using your needle nose pliers, make sure to match the wires, black to black and white to white. Twist the wiring together. The copper grounding wire goes to either the grounding wire on the fixture or in this case it is green and screwed into the bracket. Therefore I wrapped it around the metal bracket. Replace the plastic caps simply by screwing them over the wiring, keeping the wires in place.
I don’t have a picture of this last step but if you simply push the cap up against the ceiling and screw it in place, hiding all the wiring.
Here’s my new orb light before I turned back on the circuit breaker. I was so proud of myself I loudly exclaimed, “This Bitch is the Man of the House”….hahahaha
Now where is that swear jar because I owe it a dollar!
Here it is on! I love the way the light casts the shadows on the ceiling.
Here is a better picture of how it looks inside my music room. Just a few more little projects and my room will be complete!
Metal Orb Chandelier: Black by World Market

Metal Orb Chandelier: Black by World Market

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