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Make your Candles look like a Million Dollars!

You can turn simple candles into an elegant statement by covering them with shimmering scrapbook paper.
For the event I’m planning I chose white and gold shimmering papers. The paper is like a raised glitter but smooth and to me looks like wax.
Make sure to purchase unscented candles so you won’t have competing smells at your event.
Cut the paper the length of your candle and simply wrap it tightly around each candle and adhere together with a fine line of hot temp glue.
The final result is gorgeous and now they look like expensive candles. They burn nicely as well, no messy wax drops, as the paper acts as a wall around the candle and contains the liquid wax.
I will be adding a wreath of baby’s breath around these candles for a centerpiece on each table.
XOXO, Amylia

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